Vintage Kids Policies


  1. The children are safe.
  2. The leaders show Jesus to the kids through example.
  3. The leaders teach Jesus to the kids through Bible stories.
  4. The leaders look for Jesus working in the hearts of the kids.

Basic Structure

Parents will sign in their child to whichever room matches their child(ren)’s age.

If it is your child’s first time in Vintage Kids, we will ask you to fill out a small info sheet for each child, with just a few “emergency info” type questions. This will be kept in a binder, in the child’s classroom. It will only need filled out once!

Each classroom will have at least one designated teacher.
The green room will have a song time, Bible story time, and group activity time (including games, videos, crafts, and other fun, age appropriate activities!)

The yellow room has board books and a plethora of fun age appropriate toys for all ages, 6 months-2 years old.

Vintage Kids ends when the service is over (usually after the last song.) Parents should sign their child(ren) out of their classroom after the service ends.

Health and Safety

  • We ask that children be at least 6 months of age to participate in children’s ministry.
  • If your child has had a fever, we ask that they be fever free for 24 hrs to join in children’s ministry.
  • The leaders clean the toys after each service.
  • Restroom Policy: We have a zero-restroom-assistance policy. The leader can wait outside the restroom if your child needs to go, but we will not be in the restroom with your child. If your child needs assistance, we will come get you. For babies that need to be changed, we will change them on a changing pad in view of the other leader. Please let us know if you would like us to get you if your child needs to use the restroom or have a diaper changed.
  • Your child will always be supervised by one adult, with at least one other adult in the adjoining room. Doors remain open the whole time (with gates up) so that no child is ever with an adult alone or left unsupervised in either classroom.