Sermon by Ryan McCoskey · Aug 30, 2020

How does the Gospel transform people?

We will be looking at 2 Kings 5:1-19

1. The Gospel Attracts

  • When we are in a place in our lives that the Gospel draws us in.
  • The “last ditch effort.”
  • “Your life is a vapor” from James 4

2. The Gospel Connects Us

  • The importance of sharing how the Gospel has changed our lives.

3. The Gospel Confronts Us

a. Religion puts God in our debt.

  • Naaman was expecting the cure for his condition to be a big show, but the prophet that he seeks out doesn’t even show up. The prophet sends out a servant who tells Naaman that he is to cleanse himself in the waters of Israel.

b. The “cure” is always humiliating.

  • We want to exalt ourselves and hide the problem.
  • Confession is key and essentially puts us in a place where we are exalting Christ.

c. The “cure” is exclusive.

  • Naaman’s cure from the prophet consisted of one task, and one river.
  • We don’t conquer, we submit.
  • Exclusivity of Jesus is not the cure. We cannot create the cure, and receive credit.

4. The Gospel Restores

  • Naaman is healed by obedience.

5. The Gospel Renovates Us

  • After Naaman is healed, he goes to Elisha, and tells him that he now knows that there is a God in Israel. Naaman wants to give Elisha money, but Elisha tells Naaman that the glory is God’s.

We connect this message to Jesus by acknowledging that Jesus promises the things that the Gospel does.